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Please search for a Scholarship Prep staff member or select from the list below. If you are unable to find the person you wish to contact, please contact us.
  First Name Last Name Title Department E-mail Phone Ext
image Aaron Alejado Lead IT Technician Information Technology [email protected] 714-519-2430 7030
image Josue Blanco Custodian Custodial [email protected] 424-251-9089
image Corina Bocanegra Instructional Aide Instructional Aides [email protected] 424-251-9089
image Brenda Byrd Teacher Teachers [email protected] 424-251-9089 7005
image Efren Castillo Counselor Counselors [email protected] 424-251-9089 7010
image Veronica Chau Teacher Teachers [email protected] 424-251-9089 7011
image Arthur Congo Assistant to the Executive Director Administration [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Arlene Contreras Office Manager Front Office [email protected] 424-251-9089
image Kristen Crowe Chief Community Officer Administration [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Andrew Crowe Deputy Director Administration [email protected]
image Hope Dalrymple Speech Language Pathologist Supervision [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Melina Davis Teacher Teachers [email protected] 424-251-9089 7008
image Armando Diaz Sped Aide Instructional Aides [email protected] 424-251-9089
image Darlene Dorado-Palma Electives (Soccer) Athletics [email protected] 424-251-9089
image Taylor Ellis Chief Academic Officer Administration [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Jennie Gallegos Instructional Aide Instructional Aides [email protected] 424-251-9089
image Elizabeth Garcia Sped Aide Special Education [email protected] 424-251-9089
image Kaylie Gomez Dean of Academics Administration [email protected] 424-251-9089 7048
image Jennifer Harrison Teacher Teachers [email protected] 424-251-9089 7006
image Denise Hobbensiefken Human Resources Coordinator Administration [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Celeste Hybki AR/AP Specialist Administration [email protected]
image Wendy Lozano Teacher Teachers [email protected] 424-251-9089 7009
image Johanna Marquez Teacher Teachers [email protected] 424-251-9089 7014
image Mirna Martinez Speech Language Pathologist Assistant Counselors [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Jacqueline Medina Teacher Teachers [email protected] 424-251-9089 7007
image Jenelle Meneses Instructional Aide Instructional Aides [email protected] 424-251-9089
image Christian Nunez It Technician Information Technology [email protected] 424-251-9089 7003
image Rocio Palacio Attendance Clerk Front Office [email protected] 424-251-9089 7001
image Leslie Parra Sped Aide Instructional Aides [email protected] 424-251-9089
image Antonia Pettis Education Specialist Special Education [email protected] 424-251-9089 7002
image Nemesi Portillo Sped Aide Instructional Aides [email protected] 424-251-9089
image Carlos Ramirez Electives (Studio Arts) Arts [email protected] 424-251-9089
image Christin Rickman Psychologist Counselors [email protected]
image Christina Rojas Instructional Aide Instructional Aides [email protected] 424-251-9089
image LaToshia Rosser Teacher Teachers [email protected] 424-251-9089 7012
image Anarely Sedano Director of Special Education Administration [email protected]
image Melody Stambaugh Teacher Teachers [email protected] 424-251-9089 7013
image Anna Sudit Psychologist Counselors [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Allison Vann Principal Administration [email protected] 424-251-9089 7016
image Cynthia Vargas Teacher Teachers [email protected] 424-251-9089 7017
image Angela Vargas Teacher Teachers [email protected] 424-251-9089 7004
image Jason Watts Executive Director Administration [email protected] 714-795-3498